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{@ member.last_name @} {@ member.first_name @} 様こんにちは
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Handling of Members' Information 会員情報の取扱い

  1. We shall never disclose members' information to a third party without a member's consent as a rule. However, we shall be able to disclose members' information and other customers' information without members' consent in the following cases where:
    1. We are required to disclose in accordance with certain laws and regulations;
    2. We judge such disclosure as necessary to protect our rights, profits and honors etc.
  2. We manage members' information based on our "Engagement to Protect Personal Information". We shall use members' information in order to provide services to members, enhance quality of services, promote the use of our services and make sure to conduct healthy and smooth management of our services.
  3. We shall provide information through mail magazines and other ways (including advertisement) to the members. When members don't wish provision of such information, they shall tell us about it so that we can stop providing such information. However, we cannot stop providing information necessary to operate the service even if a member wishes so.

Members 会員

  1. "Members" are individuals who apply for our membership following the agreement that we've specified upon consent.
  2. "Members' information refers to personal information that members disclose to us and members' past trading records.
  3. The agreement shall be the one that is applied to every member and is followed at the time of and after registration.

Registration 登録

  1. Qualification for Members 会員資格

    A person who has applied for our membership upon consent to this agreement shall be entitled to be our member after completion of a given registration procedure. A person who becomes our member shall take a procedure for the member. A registration by a representative cannot be accepted for any reason. We may refuse an application for membership from a person who was once disqualified or that we judge as inappropriate.

  2. Input of Members' Information 会員情報の入力

    Please read precautions for input carefully and input what is necessary in the specified input form when you take a procedure for membership.

  3. Password Managementパスワードの管理
    1. Passwords shall be able to be used by a member only and shall not be able to be transferred or lent to a third party.
    2. Members shall manage a password on their own risks by regularly changing it to keep it a secret from others.
    3. The manifestation of intention made by using a password shall be regarded as the one made by the members themselves and payment incurred by it shall be borne all by the members.