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User's Guide ご利用ガイド

Mail Magazines メールマガジンについて

We'll send valuable information to your e-mail address after you register with our mail magazine.


Reviews レビューについて

You can write only one review for the same product in a different color.
Please note that the review will be overwritten when you write new one again.


Coupons クーポンについて

Choose a coupon you want to use on the order-procedure screen.
Input the coupon code distributed on our mail magazine and LINE etc. and choose one on the order-procedure screen.


  • Terms and conditions may be set on coupons.
  • We ask for your understanding in advance that points to be added after the use of coupons are calculated at the price after the use of a coupon.
  • クーポンにはご利用可能な期間や条件などを設けている場合がございます。
  • クーポンをご利用頂いた後のポイント付与に関しましては、クーポンご利用後の価格で計算され、付与されます。予めご了承ください。

Membership 会員登録について

Membership fee is free.
We'll send the registered information to your registered email address once you've done registration.
After registering, you will be added points on your every purchase. You will also get mail magazine that include valuable information on your products and others.

For our membership



Returns and Exchanges 返品・交換

We've taken all measures for sustaining quality of products, but If you find a damage or a flaw on the product you order, please make sure to contact the following number (to our call center). We'll resend new one as quickly as possible.

Our call center: 050-3816-1898


お問い合わせコールセンター 050-3816-1898

Notices on Your Purchase お買い物についてのご注意

Notices on Your Purchase 長期不在または受取拒否について

Long-term absence or rejection In many cases, products returned are to be dumped because they're food, and you will be charged a few thousand yen at the time of delivering and returning even though you fail to receive what you order. There's a case where the product that you inquired about may be canceled because we're not able to prepare a product to be replaced for a reserved product and a product limited in quality.

食品のため一度発送したお品物が戻ってきましても破棄することになる場合が多々ありますことと発送時、また返送時の送料が数千円発生しますため、お受け取りにならなかった場合も、代金のご請求はさせていただきます。 予約商品、数量限定商品の場合は代替え商品を用意する事が出来ず、お問い合わせ商品のキャンセル対応をさせて頂く場合がございます。

Product Pictures 商品写真について

We ask for your understanding in advance that a picture attached on a product page may be slightly different from the actual product due to the monitor you use, although we always try to reproduce it.


Busy Access to Order ご注文の集中について

We ask for your understanding in advance that a product may be out of stock even though your order has been confirmed when access is busy for ordering.


Notice on On-sale Products セール商品についてのご注意

We ask for your understanding in advance that on-sale products cannot be returned and exchanged.

We ask for your understanding in advance that a product may be out of stock even though your order has been confirmed when access is busy for ordering.



Contact お問い合わせ先

support@kitmil-meal.com 050-3816-1898(10:00-18:00 Weekdays) (10:00-17:00 Saturdays,Sundays,and holidays)(平日10:00〜18:00、土日祝10:00〜17:00)

We reply to your e-mail within 24 hours days.